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Do you know about the RHLI Veterans' Association? It is a place where Veterans, active military and ex-military members can meet and socialize, participate in a number of activities on a regular basis and have a lot of fun at a very reasonable price.

The Association is also a non-profit organization, which provides services and financial assistance to needy veterans and their families.

Our veteran population is declining and in order to keep the Association alive in the new millenium, it is vital that the youth of our Regimental family get involved while they are still young.

We are asking that all Regimental members young, old, Officers, NCO's and soldiers consider taking out a membership with the Association.

For just $18.00 a year, you can help ensure that the history of the RHLI does not disappear with the decline in the veteran population which made that history. Their contribution in the wars past gave us the freedom we all enjoy today and it is only fitting that we keep their memories alive.

Murray Kaulback
Bob Fyfe
Membership Chairman

Association Activities

Progressive Euchre
Pool Tables
Thursday Night Dinner
Ham/Beef/Turkey Rolls
Dart League
Bugle Band
Bowling League
Colour Party
Saturday Dances
Newsletter 6 times a year - including calendar of current events
For more events call the club at 905-545-4611

Proud of our RHLI Veterans

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