RHLI Exercises
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National Defence and the Canadian Forces

Joint Task Force Central & Land Force Central Area

31 Canadian Brigade Group

Exercise Riley Gladius ~ 24/26 Feb 2012

Capt Tim Fletcher

The GLADIUS is the short-bladed Roman sword which, when combined with Roman tactics and leadership, brought fear to the enemies of Rome. It's very appropriate for the RHLI, which as light infantry are always at the sharp end.

Our experiences in Afghanistan are the proof of the pudding - if any is needed.

The soldiers took advantage of this collective training opportunity to take a group photo, with the RHLI's "camp flag" front and centre.

Ex Riley Gladius took place the weekend of 24 - 26 February at the old and abandoned Sanatorium along the Mountain brow in west Hamilton. Surrounded by medical and residential neighbourhoods, the urban operations training attracted considerable attention, not the least from the media (including The Weather Network!). Afghanistan once again confirmed the need for an army capable of full-spectrum operations across any terrain, including cities and towns. The RHLI was fortunate to gain access the Sanatorium property, with multiple large buildings, wooded terrain and open space to confirm their knowledge of urban ops.

The soldiers staged out of our historic John Foote, VC, CD Armouries, using it in effect as their patrol base. Using vehicles to get to the Sanatorium site (saves time and boot leather!), the soldiers put in two solid days of operations under mild winter conditions, learning the complex room and building-clearing skills needed for the modern warrior.

With the scenario of rescuing captive aid workers guiding the training, the Rileys slammed into the building and using a well-choreographed skill set, moved quickly from room to room, floor to floor, eliminating opposition, evacuating casualties and finally making the rescue.

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The RHLI headed south to Indiana over the March Break, taking part in 31 Canadian Brigade Group's Exercise Arrowhead Storm, which featured urban operations as a key training objective. The Rileys ? well, thanks to training like Ex Riley Gladius, they were "Semper Paratus" ? Always Ready!