RHLI Exercises
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National Defence and the Canadian Forces

Joint Task Force Central & Land Force Central Area

31 Canadian Brigade Group


Capt Tim Fletcher - Photos courtesy Capt Jordan Spoelstra and Maj Gary McQueen

The RHLI have been chosen to spearhead exercise planning and conduct for 31 Canadian Brigade Group for the first half of 2011. Our first kick at the can came with Exercise Arrowhead Precept, held at 31 CBG HQ in London, Ontario the weekend of January 22 – 23, 2011.

Officer-Cadet Andrew Roch studies his orders and makes notes for the next portion of the exercise. This "tactical exercise without troops", or "TEWT" is an inexpensive but very valuable way to train key members of a unit in basic skills and increase their planning expertise.

The planners at work.  LCol Dan Stepaniuk, left, Capt McCarroll, Capt Colic, OCdt Roch, brigade staff, and back to camera, Maj McQueen.

The RHLI team was lead by Captain Alex Colic and supported by many others including Major Gary McQueen, Capt Willie McCarroll, our Regimental Sergeant Major, Chief Warrant Officer Brian Robinson, Lt (now Capt) John Coomber, Lt Victoria Adams, Officer-Cadet Andrew Roch, and Sgt Mike Hilmer. Together, they put key Brigade players through their paces in a realistic (but done only with maps, computers and phones) warfighting scenario in preparation for a major training exercise this coming summer.

LCol Stepaniuk, right, in his role as battlegroup commander, shows the details of the exercise on a map to BGen Lewis, Commander, LFCA.

Lt Victoria Adams, with headset, follows the battle on her computer screen with the aid of the computer operator (who moves the icons representing troops), with the rest of the battlegroup "positions" in the background.

Our CO, LCol Dan Stepaniuk, oversaw the complete show as the battlegroup commander, with the Commander of Land Force Central Area, Brigadier-General Fred Lewis, and our Brigade Commander, Colonel Mark Campbell on hand as observers. It's great training and a great experience for officers and NCOs alike to go through ? it is their "stock in trade" and why they joined.