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2379 (RHLI) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps (2379 RCACC)

We are 2379 (RHLI) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps (2379 RCACC). We are affiliated with The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Regiment– that's what the RHLI in our name means. The 2379 RHLI Cadets are a non-military organization but use some military characteristics to foster self-discipline, citizenship, esprit de corps (team spirit), and individual abilities. We wear military-style uniforms to present a common appearance and save wear and tear on the cadet's personal clothes. The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Regiment is an Army Reserve unit and provide leadership, guidance and support to our Cadet Corps.

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Dare to Come and Join The Best of the Best

Our cadet corps has a long history of providing an excellent training program. Our staff and senior cadets provide an innovative and imaginative training program for our cadets. However, cadets can expect to have demands put upon them to reach their highest potential and goals. Cadets are expected to exemplify the best aspects of the cadet program in their dress and deportment as well as their conduct at all times. Ensure you know what is expected of you and the time commitment that you will be expected to meet if you desire to join our corps.

What makes our Cadet Corps stand out from other Cadet Corps?

Every army cadet corps is responsible for conducting a national training program. It is the content of the optional training program which differentiates one cadet corps from another. Our Training Program follows the National Cadet Star Training Program. In addition to the Star Program our Corps conducts an exciting and innovative Weekend Training as well as optional specialty training which makes up the bulk of our Annual Training.

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Do you have what it takes to be a cadet?

The 2379 RHLI Army cadet corps puts you to the test. Our extensive training program will provide you with skills that will prove to be invaluable throughout your lifetime.

Some examples are:

  • Marksmanship - Map & Compass
  • Field and Bushcraft - Survival Skills
  • Leadership - Citizenship

Cadets put their skills to the test on weekend exercises providing leadership, challenging outdoor activities - expeditions, survival techniques, adventurous training, sports, friendships and discipline.

We meet every Tuesday for weekly headquarters training, and for two, three, or even six weeks during the summer during extensive summer courses at the Blackdown Summer Training Centre in CFB Borden.

All training is provided for free by the DND (Dept. of Defence), Cadets Canada and our Cadet Corps Support Committee.

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